Slide/Neg Scanning

We are now able to provide the following slide scanning services:

Index scanning – Suitable for the following scenarios:

  • You’d like a large collection scanned and indexed, to save you the bother of searching through countless boxes of slides to locate a particular slide;
  • Posting on blogs, photo sharing sites etc.

These would typically be scanned at relatively low resolution (from 800 x 600) on full automatic settings.

High quality scanning – For the ‘keepers’ in your collection:

  • High resolution – in excess of 5300 x 3600 pixels – approximately 19 Megapixels and easily large enough for an A4 print.
  • Scratch and dust removal (check with us first if you have Kodachromes).
  • Colour correction on a slide-by-slide basis.
  • Can be supplied in 16 bit format and/or wider colour space if you plan on doing your own editing.

These are carried out on our high-quality Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanner.

NEW! (January 2013) We can now scan large format negatives and glass plates!

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